Organic Baby, Toddler, and Women’s Clothing

Organic Baby, Toddler, and Women’s Clothing

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“Since baby skin is very porous, I created an organic cotton clothing line for babies–that not only did I know would be safe for my Elizabeth and all other children who wore it, but I also printed the funny stuff that woke me up at night about babies on each piece. I wanted to make sure I gave the parents a moment to laugh because I remember a time when I couldn’t. And now, thank goodness, laughter is part of my every day.”  –Gwendolyn Gardner

Simply Chickie
in Newport, RI – whimsical, GOTS certified organic baby, toddler, women’s clothing. Made in the USA, baby-kids-adult clothing that feeds your karma as featured in Celebrity Parent’s Magazine, Green Child Magazine; and, currently worn by rock star children all over our green planet. Featured in Parent’s Magazine, Retailing Insight Magazine, Green child,, Huffington Post and soon Foot Network Magazine! Purchase Simply Chickie online at:

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Organic Baby, Toddler, and Women's Clothing



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